Meeting the Challenges for Agriculture in 2022 w/ Rep. Phil Green

Episode 120 · March 24th, 2022 · 18 mins 10 secs

About this Episode

The Russian invasion of Ukraine combined with regulations at the state and federal level have presented a myriad of challenges for rural Americans and the agriculture industry. Join Matthew Fisher and Joe Trotter, Director of the ALEC Task Force on Energy, Environment, and Agriculture, as they sit down with Phil Green, Representative from Michigan's 84th District and Chair of the ALEC Subcommittee on Agriculture, to discuss the potential of food shortages, job losses, and more.

The Crisis in Ukraine Has Major Implications for the Agricultural Sector and Global Food Security, by Karla Jones and Joe Trotter

Learn more about the Russian invasion of Ukraine with our two part series Ukraine: On the Frontlines in Kyiv Part w/ Mykola Vorobiov and Karla Jones:
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