Ukraine: On the Frontlines in Kyiv Part II w/ Mykola Vorobiov and Karla Jones

Episode 119 · March 17th, 2022 · 26 mins 38 secs

About this Episode

In the second of a two-part Across the States special on the War in Ukraine, Mykola Vorobiov, Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellow & Journalist based in Kyiv, Ukraine, sat down for another interview on March 15, 2022, with Karla Jones, Sr. Director of the ALEC Task Force on International Relations and Federalism offers his eyewitness testimony on the situation on the ground in Ukraine as Ukrainians resist the Russian invasion and describes what Ukraine/Russia peace negotiations might look like. Mykola expresses gratitude to the US for our assistance and his opinion of Zelenskyy has evolved from cautious skepticism of the neophyte politician’s ability to command a nation at war in Part I to describing him as “The leader of the free world!” in Part II.

Link to Part I of Ukraine: On the Frontlines in Kyiv
Mykola Vorobiov Twitter: @komitet2012

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Garry Kasparov Quote on NATO and Ukraine toward the end of the podcast
“NATO leaders have all the weapons and no courage and Zelenskyy has courage and not enough weapons.”

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CORRECTION: Quote from anti-Communist Ukrainian Leader Stepan Bandera (erroneously attributed to Winston Churchill) toward the end of the podcast
“When the people choose bread between bread and freedom, they eventually lose everything including bread. If the people choose freedom, they will have bread grown by themselves and not taken away by anyone.”

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