Israeli-U.S. Relations After Trump w/ Aryeh Lightstone and Karla Jones

Episode 102 · October 13th, 2021 · 33 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

The Abraham Accords constituted a historic leap forward in Israel’s relations with the Arab world. But what does the future hold for the United States and Israel after the Trump presidency? And how can local lawmakers get involved? Join Karla Jones, Senior Task Force Director for Federalism and International Relations, as she sits with Aryeh Lightstone, advisor to former United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and Special Envoy for Economic Normalization, to discuss where both nations go from here.
Failure of Palestinian Governance and the Latest Conflict between Israel and Hamas, by Karla Jones and Anna Small
Strengthening the U.S. Israel Economic and Strategic Partnership

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