Universal Recognition in Mississippi w/ State Legislator of the Month Rep. Becky Currie

Episode 73 · March 16th, 2021 · 12 mins 19 secs

About this Episode

Over 40 million Americans are employed with occupational licenses, yet the majority lose their licenses once they cross state lines. But in Mississippi, that is beginning to change with universal recognition, which helps ease the overly burdensome and duplicative licensing process that prevents workers from out of state gaining employment in their chosen profession. Since this recording, the Mississippi legislation has made its way to Governor Reeves' desk. Join host Hunter Hamberlin as he sits down with ALEC director of the Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development task force Michael Slabinski and ALEC State Legislator of the Month Representative Becky Currie to discuss how she took the lead on making universal recognition a reality.

To learn more about occupational licensing reform, contact MSlabinski@alec.org
ALEC Blog Post on Universal Recognition: https://www.alec.org/article/universal-recognition-a-win-for-american-workers-consumers-and-the-economy/
Mississippi Center for Public Policy article: https://mspolicy.org/hb-261-universal-recognition-for-occupational-licenses/

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