Criminal and Civil Justice Policy Priorities: Nino Marchese on ALEC Breakdown

Episode 146 · January 10th, 2024 · 10 mins 52 secs

About this Episode

Nino Marchese, director of both the Criminal Justice and Civil Justice Taskforces at ALEC, sits down with Lars Dalseide to discuss the essential policy solutions both taskforces are focusing on for 2024.

Civil justice focuses on lawsuit reform, tort reform, regulatory reform, and donor privacy issues. On the other hand, criminal justice seeks to address the challenges faced by individuals caught in the criminal justice system. The aim is to help these individuals reintegrate into society rather than being trapped in a cycle of criminality.

Balancing these two task forces can be challenging, as they require different perspectives and approaches. While they both fall under the domain of judiciary issues, the issues they tackle are unique. The role of the task force director is to keep their focus on separate tracks, even though these tracks are relevant to the judicial system as a whole.

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